Friday, 20 March 2015

post 21...! sounds like a debrief about getting old but it isn't.

hey everyone! my last two posts we a bit boohoo and real but what can you do really...? life happens and it gets sad... but it also gets all sorts of wonderful too! :) and that's what we can't forget.
The wonderful shit that comes with the bad.
And i've finally reached a point in my life where i'm happy with so much of it.
I have a gorgeous family, a beautiful house, great friends and a new car and a gorgeous pooch and i feel really full in my heart. 

And i'm finally on the career path that rocks my socks.
Since I last wrote, my Grandfather died. So much death... but this didn't make me sad. He was old and he was suffering. It made my mum sad and i hate that.
But all i can do is support her.

So this is my gratification post. I have a lot to be grateful for. I am able bodied. I am healthy. I am articulate, or so I'm told, I have my own belongings, I am free, I am loved, I am financially stable, although a couple of thousand here and there for a rainy day wouldn't be rejected...

You see... every day i am grateful. i don't strive after things that other people have. I am content with my own things and my own self.
It rocks my socks. I find myself being grateful for things more and more.
I am grateful. YAY ME!

ok... now that we've established i'm grateful.... lets talk about the things i'd rather not have in my life. like:

  • Fart smell in my bed that hits me like a fucking stick in the eye at shitful o'clock when i manage to slide in the sheets - cue sleeping husband
  • Public toileting in my private house-cue children. Just today i was trying to poop and one of my dearests brings a parcel into me on the toilet and drops it ON my foot and then cannot close the door again as the parcel is now in the way... FFS.
  • Sharing everything- i don't want to share the game on my phone with you child because my reputation/high score/winning streak is at stake. GO AWAY. i love you but go away.
  • Early morning rush- cue 3 kids getting ready to be flung out the door for the bus, half asleep still, grumpy as fuck and only just brushed and on that note:
  • School lunches- these fuckers have to happen EVERY god damn night. and no... before you start with your brainiac suggestions, I WILL not make them in the morning because morning is NOT my time to shine. It is my time to sleep because in the night time, after everyone else slinks off to bed, I then get some quiet time to study, clean, do fucking invoicing and undo the damage that they all (husband included) cause during the waking hours. So no, no lunches in the morning. I resent making them at all. The same shit everyday x3. And I try and spice it up and not give my kids processed packaged crap because #crapmum and #raisingdiabetes are not on my hash tag agenda.
  • Dodgy computer- I want a new one. Every time I have a serious assignment due... BOOM.. my computer is on the fucking fritz. And you, mouthy, with the big ideas again, I HAVE run every scan you can run and decluttered and defragged and defucked it as much as I can without taking every single program off of it, rendering it brain dead and turning it into a slab with lights.
  • Crappy unstable weather- Shape up for fucks sake. Don't bullshit me with cold in the morning when I leave and then bring out summers finest at lunch time when I haven't shaved under my fucking arms..! sure i'm not a wookie but I hate being hairy, its my personal choice and I choose not to be ok... so sort your shit out and don't fucking feminist shame me into wanting to be non-hairy either. Not to mention I'm now ridiculously sweltering in my winter attire now. Thanks a fuck load. ( I do love the sun though. SO MUCH).
I think that will probably do. Otherwise the universe might crack the poo's at me and be like 'bitch you're more unstable than an elderly lady in the wind' and smite me... but I said all my grateful's first so i'm safe!
Talk to you later, people.
And please, be kind. Too many bitches in the world. Don't be one. 

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  1. Gracie, I just stumbled upon your blog and it totally made my day. You are my hero. You give me hope when I need it. You are the sunshine on my shitful rainy day. And for that, I will always love you xx