Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Post 17... SUSPENDING JUDGEMENT... well I'm trying to OK...!

Hello ALL!
I have been doing some serious thinking lately..
you see... embarking on this registered nurse journey makes me think about EVERYTHING now...
Every stupid thing. It makes me consider what other people may have been feeling when they acted certain ways and i now also look at peoples social aspects contributing onto there life...! It's doing my head in because some people... YES some people you just want to HATE! and I don't mean actually hate... i mean greatly despise. The reason...I hear you ask...? Well that can be anything from they look like a douche to the fact they behave like a self righteous twat... I'm not the maker or ultimate decider of who makes the like/don't like cut in your world... that is YOUR call...BUT what I'm getting at here is that I think it's important to have people you despise and dislike.. it makes the people you DO love and like so much more awesome.
Anyway I thought I would talk about some reasons I dislike others... I'll allow you to get a beverage and a snack before I begin... off you go.
OK welcome back...
1.I don't like some people because they judge others to soon.
How hypocritical is this..? Here I am judging others because they judge others. GET A FUCKING GRIP GRACE. I do this... but I try not to do this...! If that makes sense....

2. They sound annoying.
Their voice... WTF is with that whining voice. And it's always a voice that insists on being heard even when they have actually nothing to contribute to anything except the sound of their voice making a nonsense statement. This gives me the shits... OK... of course they can't actually ALWAYS help the sound their voice makes... (sometimes they CAN...!) so for this I tolerate their bullshit noise and try and look interested as their voice comes out of their head hole.

3. Others judging others for the clothes they wear.
This is a total bitch debate. I don't give a rats arse what other people wear as long as they don't inflict their shit onto me. I DO, however, get furious hearing others judge others about their fashion or their repeated fashion choices. If I hear this shit coming out of your mouth... we will not be friends... unless we are drunk sitting in the corner of a club judging others drunkenness.. that is totally allowed.

4. Your hair gets on my shit.
If you have a mane of gorgeous locks.... please keep it to yourself....!
I do not want your hair on, in or around any of my shit. Get it together or chop it the fuck off.
I'd like to point out that I don't dislike people with long hair... it's quite the opposite. I LOVE their hair... just get it off my stuff and we will be sweet.

5. Your perfume punches me in the nostrils.
I just met you like 5 seconds ago but 30 seconds BEFORE I met you... I met your pungent aroma known as 'perfume'. If I can taste it... you're using too much. If I can smell it before I even see you...we are not friends. Just because it's not body odour poisoning my senses does not mean I am enjoying it. Get your shit together.

6. Clicky clack shoes
OK this one is another total bitch pants on my behalf...but if we are going somewhere quiet TOGETHER... say like an exam... and you are planning on leaving early because you are just so 'shit hot' PLEASE do not wear clicky clack shoes that disrupt the whole exam... unless of course this is your master plan to be noticed.. in which case... GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER... the glares of fellow exam goers should have been enough to send you sprinting out of there like a fucking horse on a beach! FFS. As a fellow heel wearer... I know that you can avoid clicky clacking.

7. Sniffing or excessive throat clearing
SORT THAT SHIT OUT! this may have stemmed from my mentioning exams just before... but seriously... either cough it up, have a drink or blow it the fuck out. Using a tissue is nothing to be ashamed of. Having a good old hack it up session is OK too...
just try to do it in the loo or somewhere as SOME people may not like it so much in their faces... me... I don't give to rats as long as none of it gets ON me. ( I know I have a lot to learn... I AM going to be a nurse after all but shhh... I'll get there).

8. First world problems
I am guilty of this... sort of. If Andy is being a shit it feels like it can ruin my life... BUT I get a hold of my boat of life and steer it back onto the path of 'fuck you, fuck what you do and fuck off there is no way you are controlling how I feel!'. So that fixes that. I used to think some things that are not important were important.. but i cut that shit out at about 16-17. Life got real and shook me the fuck up. i realised that my shit is so minor compared to other peoples... and no I'm not saying 'you should compare yourselves to others...blah blah' what I'm saying is... get a fucking reality check and be thankful for all that you DO have! Don't focus on the poo... or you'll drown in shit. Focus on the good and rise above it.. and whilst your rising be sure to stick your first world problem FB status up your arsehole :) THANKSSSSSS

9. People who do not spray a moderate amount of  air freshener
WTF is wrong with these people..? EVERYONE'S SHIT SMELLS. acknowledge this fact and stop making me taste your shit. NO one deserves that. especially in a public or shared toilet.... NOT OK. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER and cover your shit smell. Go and look up
You're welcome. Thank me later. Seriously. BLERGH....!

I cannot stress how much this makes me want to get hold of you around your throat and squeeze and shake until you promise to stop your blatant LIES. Not only is it counter productive to well... EVERYTHING... it also makes people hate you for being you.. which is a bed of lies. And lying about stupid stuff.. PLEASE! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. Do not lie. The end. Did your parents or teachers or sesame street fail to get this through to you..? I got it. How did you NOT get it? DO NOT FUCKING DO IT. I enjoy finding out about people who lie.. especially when they expose their own lies... AS lies...! FUCK THAT. I don't lie! I don't have time! I'm way too busy having a real life to lie about one I don't have. STOP IT. STOP. IT. BITCH.
On the note of telling lies etc... check this out!!

There are probably so many more but i am writing this post to help myself stop judging people and better myself as a human being. Don't hate me for being honest about things that I am too quick to judge on.... except LYING... do that shit and we are done like a fucking dinner. BOOM.
I am trying to better myself OK. That is the message here... I will read back over this in a few months and be all like 'look I don't judge you any more for that! :) I am such a nice person'. See... winning.
Until next time lovers... G xx

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