Tuesday, 19 February 2013

blog 8- things i think i can do... but realise i can't... whilst i'm doing it.

ok so here's the thing....
i have a thing that a i do... i think i can do something REALLY well until I'm half way through doing it and then realise that i actually suck at it MASSIVELY...
like sucking big fat salty balls...not tasty lyndt chocolate balls.
take sewing for example...

I'm ok at cutting and pinning... But then there is the machining... 
Ohhhhhhh the machine senses my fear & feeds of it like a shark...! 
It knows I'm afraid but it lures me in with its little warm light to help me see & stitch instructions on the OUTSIDE of the actual machine...! 
What could go wrong I blissfully think to myself... How could i possibly stuff this thing up...?!?!
Ok little machine... I say as I sit down and pat it gently...! 
Lets give it a go...! 
So I start... Pushing lightly on the pedal... 
It's good. 
It eggs me on... 
Faster faster...! 
I'm doing it!! 
I'm lured fully into my false sense of security... 
Totally over my head and then... BOOM. 
1 or all of 3 things will happen; 
the bobbin with fuck up and all my sewing was just a huge false lie as as soon as i turn the fabric over there is NO stitching on that side (FFS), the material gets stuck on the feeding foot OR the needle snaps & hits me in the fucking eye. 
When all 3 happen at once, I down tools & vow to return... But it doesn't happen till about 2 years later when I forget that this is what happens and try again...
That is what happens when i try to sew.
i go into places like spotlight and then i find all this awesome fabric and buy it thinking of all the crafty shit i can make... only to be SLAPPED in the face by the cold steely coating of the machine.
The give them friendly names like 'Singer' and 'Janome'...
sounds like an Asian or american country mum right..?
wrong its Godzilla in a white coat...!
so yeah... there is a small idea of what happens to me when i attempt to do things that i think i'm good at and i'm actually not...!
i will write a continuum to this post soon... (pro-word alert!)
love u all! xx
 i personally linked u natski and dan because you guys actually sew!!

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  1. Hahahah that was absolute GOLD!! It has happened to us all! Just keep practising, you know you can do it! Actually, I reckon you are probably some secret pro at sewing!Aren't you?!