Wednesday, 2 January 2013

blog 7...! the age of flannies vs gigs.

hello hello people! happy holiday season!!!
how was it..? crazy festiveness...?
isn't it funny how at christmas time you get together with people you'd rather not see listen to them talk about things you really give NO shits about..! yeehaa! sounds great hey..! if it wasn't for the food sometimes i would totally opt out of christmas.
so how are those bikini bodies going...? i have purchased a new one piece...if that answers your question..!
bikinis... pfft totally over rated!
anyway... this blog i thought i might crap on a bit about gigs... like music ones.
i actually go to a fair few thanks to my husband and family members gracefully accepting the role of babysitting.
i love gigs. my loves are 'sam cole & the mornings' and the 'christopher coleman collective'. loving those guys at the moment. anyway i was at the taste festival tonight a the christopher coleman collective was playing...! stoked. i stood there and let the tears well up in my eyes when chris sang the song that his dad wrote about loving his mum... and how she died at the end it gets me every time.... anyway balling in public is not on any of my lists of things to do so i quickly cut that shit out but seriously... these guys are good..!
anyway... i was noticing that there are 'groups' of types that go to gigs.
there are the weird unwashed and hairy types... these can also be the actual musicians...
then there are the loud annoying and dressed in the 90's group. they talk overly loud during the sets... annoying. then they may also dance around like knobs and knock into other people enjoying the music...
THEN there are the mellows...this is me... i hold my drink, i find my spot i stand there and let my WHOLE being be absorbed by the wonderful music its being subjected too...
then there is the jumping annoying dick face cock heads that mosh to everything... even announcements. stand the fark still before i charge to the front where u INSIST on being and punch u in the A.dick, B. face or C. BOTH... simultaneously!!! dont fucking tempt me u mother farker....
these people get me annoyed.
ok so you're at falls. u NEED to mosh because ur pinging off your face on some illicit substance... sure... i get that but we are in a smallish room, or a theatre or something not as large as falls and ur frigging jumping on my foot and spilling my drink that i already can't afford to buy and is massively watered down...!!!
and the main point is the music does not require moshing... it needs to be relished and absorbed.
i don't care what people wear to gigs as long as they wear deodorant... and i dont see flaps or actual dick.
once again... i am showing my age. i love good music and i love thos who produce it. one day i will sing again... and maybe i'll tell those dicks NOT to mosh to my music at MY gig... who knows...!

merry christmas and a happy new year to you all!! there are wonderful things abut music soothing the soul.
let it in and let it heal you.
sorry this is NOT hilarious... its just another thing thats ticking this ageing bird off! :P

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