Monday, 6 August 2012

the first lonely post...

ok so the time has come for me to attack this blogging business...
what to blog about...?
life...? its a pretty standard blog but hey...
ok well i'll start with today.
had to get up and take lily(nearly 6yrs) to school and wake her two younger sisters up from their peaceful slumber to drag them along because nearly 3 years old is not old enough to be left at home unsupervised... according to law. not that i would anyway but sometimes it would make life so much easier.
anyway then i came home did the breakfast thing and have been doing washing ever since. this is the first time i have actually sat down today and in that moment i decided to write a blog.
this is probably boring the pants off people and if they are still reading then kudos to you and A+ for persevering...!
some things that i love to do when i get a chance to sit is go and check out 'parenting illustrated by crappy pictures' and 'jenna marbles' on youtube both these things crack me up and are right up my humour alley!! jenna does swear but its funny and i also swear more than i'd like to admit...
anyway the washing has finished in the machine yet again so i better go and hang it out in the crispy winter air to not dry bt not be as wet as when i hung it out :)
i will try and make this blog more interesting... and think of some things to talk about. but for now... hello. this is me. :)


  1. haha hello! Looking forward to your blogs :)

  2. lol... i dunno about that bec! :) thank u! i'm just about to read urs! :D

  3. Yay Welcome to the blogging world!

  4. thanks... i'm nervous like a kid.