Thursday, 23 August 2012

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hello again readers!! if there is any of you!
sorry it has taken me a while to write another post.
life was busy and i was sick. Let's talk about that shall we...
Sick is awesome when you're the mummy.
Not only are you sicker than everyone else as you HAVE everyone else's bug because they cough and splutter this crud all over you BUT you also don't get the wonderful time to rest because your talented vagina turned you into a slave by default and there is no one... and I mean NO ONE looking after you for a long period of time...As in any longer than an interim of 5-30 mins.
You just need to suck that sickness up princess and solider on.
I have just recently been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs). Cfs means that your immune system is basically non existent, and you're tired 95% of the time and don't even get me started on the muscle cramps etc. It is really not cool.
But on a happier note, it has been really nice to actually find out why my life has gotten so hard and unmanageable lately not to mention the constant sickness.
Speaking of which... my children have the ability to cough and sneeze DIRECTLY in my direction and into my open mouth. It is really a very clever aim. And not to mention frustrating. Which mean that EVERY bug the little dears pick up at school and child care get sent home and i have no defence against them...!
So i have been constantly sick for months. Its been terrible. the skin on my nose is non existent. I can't hear to save myself, which has resulted in my song pop scores plummeting! And i have a cough that makes me sound like I have smoked a pack a day for 50 years.
The thing that sucks the most about ALL of this is that now i have had to reduce all my physical activity down to just 3 classes a week at the gym. For some that doesn't sound so bad... SURE but I played 3 games of netball a week and tried to do a gym class a day..! So this is devastating news for me. I am also trying to shift the remaining baby bulge, that is now 3 years old... just about! So everything is on hold.
Anyway I have whined on long enough. The house isn't going to clean itself... unfortunately! And that's ANOTHER story!
talk soon!
g x

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