Monday, 27 August 2012

blog 4

hello again...!
well this post has been brought on by the influx of warmer weather that we've had lately.
it has made me unfortunately aware of how not ready for summer i am.
not ready could be an absolute understatement. my legs look like tree plantations with forests of hair spread widely all over them and my under arms need de-fluffing.
the dark hairs are plucked out religiously but the longer blonde ones are just left to straggle around because i figure if some creep is looking THAT closely at my under arms they need a good biff in the face anyway...!
And the nether regions...i have already talked enough about those in blog 2.
i need to tone up..! de flab and make my body look like it has definition rather than just a shape.
so i have been researching things. researching is something i do well. i am researching all these healthy eating, bikini challenge things. so far they are all promoting the same things: healthy eating, regular exercise and lots of tan. i think i can do this.
the other thing that has been getting my research lately is bathers.
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want a nice flattering one piece that will cover my butt and have room for my boobies..! not either/OR..! FFS! :S
they are either up the bum or tits out...! i just don't get it. and the one pieces... you have to be a stick to wear anything that is remotely fashionable!! i refuse to revert back to the options of kmart and target being my only place to buy a one piece! bikinis are still out as my tummy looks like a faded road map due to the twins growing in there and trashing the joint...! 25 and no bikinis. i have said it 1000 times but if i had of known what my body was going to look like after children i would have walked around naked beforehand. like totally naked. i didn't appreciate what i had. all the people who read this who have not yet had kids... GET YOUR CLOTHES OFF! love the skin you're in and embrace it. i miss my smooth, tight skin and my abs are buried under flabby skin that looks like a deflated balloon and we all know how sexy that is... its like wrinkly penis skin... BLERGH. nobody wants THEIR body to look like that...! sure. i love my kids. apples of my eye, loves of my life blah blah... but i also loved my smooth sexy body.
what in fresh hell happened to it...?!?!
SO i am going to tackle this thing head on. healthy eating, exercise and fake tan. any lovely people who read this are willing to join me and we can support each other! we must unite! i refuse to blind people at the beach in summer!!!
anyway i have gotten very off track!
better call it a night!
have fun & keep it real... yeah nuh.
x g

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  1. F*cking A :-) Good luck, Gracie. You'll get back into your "pre" skin before you know it. Hard work to 'turn the ship around' but easy to stay on course. Go for it!