Wednesday, 8 August 2012

blog 2

hello again!!
I'm trying again at this blogging thing. i have been seeking advice and insight from those around me as to what to post about as my daily life might bore you all to death with the amounts of repeats in it... especially regarding my children!!
so i thought hey... why not just write about stuff that i have thought about or experienced that day.
so here goes;
today, like most days, i was immersed in communal showering. i have experienced this a lot in my house.
having 3 kids that know NO bounds when it comes to privacy or alone time means that i don't get to poop, pee or change any pad or tampon without a million questions or prying eyes and fingers trying to get around the door... and today it was the showers turn. i couldn't even wash my bottom without the entourage of questions...!! i love the question about "why my is my front bottom 'hairy'?" :| WTF....
F*!% OFF!!! its my bits and MY business!
yes, admittedly, you once resided there but that gives you NO right to go snooping and asking a million questions about MY stuff! it also sends me into a barrage of guilt about letting my nether regions get a TINY bit overgrown in the colder months... so i instantly jump on the defensive...! i also hope that if i dodge the question quickly with a fairly open ended response they will accept it and lose interest in my bits and go back to unfolding all the face washers and making a 'bridge' with them on the floor...! :s
this is also something i HATE them doing BUT my floor is generally clean and if it keeps their prying eyes and questions off me then UNFOLD away kiddies!
wow i just realised that this is a massive rant :O sorry... i better go to bed now anyway as its 12:30AM and i don't really fancy watching horses do stuff at the Olympics on the tv... zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz... but by all means horses... win GOLD!
night night.

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